Custom UV Sanitizing Remote

SKU: 1CS6141
The UV Sanitizing Remote is a powerful sanitizing device that is small, compact & can easily be taken with you wherever you go to sanitize any & all surfaces or belongings. Simply press & hold the power button until the digital screen lights up. You can then press the power button again to start the 60 second sanitization mode or press the power button a second time to start the 180 second sanitization mode. Your 60 second sanitization mode is perfect for sanitizing smaller objects like your mobile devices, laptops, masks, & so forth. The 180 second sanitization mode is perfect for sanitizing countertops & other larger surfaces. Each mode will begin a countdown on the digital screen to let you know how much time is left & then the UV-C lights will automatically power off. Also as an added safety feature the UV-C lights will automatically turn off if the remote is flipped over so that the light does not accidentally hurt your eyes.

  • UV Sanitizing Technology
  • Kills 99.9% of Germs
  • Sanitize All Your Belongings with 2 different sanitizing modes:
    • 60 Seconds: Perfect for mobile devices, laptops, masks, & other small objects
    • 180 Seconds: Perfect for countertops & other larger surfaces
  • Available in White only